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"My mother was becoming forgetful and not always making the safest decisions.  But she never wanted to leave the security of her own home.  When I discussed moving to a nursing home, or even moving in with us, she adamantly refused.  She wanted to be in her own home!  So I called the Office of the Aging and they recommended Concepts of Health Care.  I called Concepts and they admitted my mother for their services.  They have been providing around the clock services for Mom ever since then.  That was five years ago now!  Mom is so happy with the girls caring for her, and NEVER has there been a gap in services.  When they say that they guarantee their coverage, they mean what they say!  I have peace of mind now, knowing that Mom is safe and happy.”  -Loudenville Family

“The hospital said I had to go to the nursing home for rehabilitation following my hospital stay.  When I told the discharge planner I just wanted to go back to my home, she put me in touch with Concepts of Health Care.  I called them and they took care of arranging the delivery of all my medical equipment to my home.  I completed my rehabilitation in my own home, where the physical therapist came directly to me.  The Concepts aides were with me around the clock, so I always felt safe and comfortable.  They helped me return to independence, without having to go to the nursing home.  I will forever be grateful to Concepts for their great help to me, at a time when I most needed someone to understand how important being home is to me.  Thank you Concepts!”  -Slingerlands Family

“My children are so busy with working every day, as well as raising their children.  Now that I cannot manage alone in my own home anymore, my children wanted me to move to an assisted living facility.  But then my friend told me about Concepts of Health Care.  Now I get the help I need and am where I want to live.  At home where I enjoy all my things around me.  And especially where I can have my close friend “Oscar”, my poodle and close companion!  The aides even help by feeding Oscar and let him outside whenever needed.  I love that thanks to Concepts I never have to leave my home!”  -Albany Family
“I was so pleased with how good the services at Concepts of Health Care were when they cared for my grandfather, I called them a few years later when my father needed help.  They provided him with the same excellence of care, as they had for my grandfather.  Their care always brings me such peace of mind, since I live many states away.  Whenever I call the nurses for an update on my father’s status, I always find they know exactly what is going on with my father’s care, because they call the home regularly, and make frequent home visits.  They always seem to be on top of things.”
–Ballston Spa Family

“When I contracted Concepts of Health Care to provide services for my father, I did not realize how much they were going to do for Dad.  Not only do they provide him with great services, they help with everything!  I had no one to do the grocery shopping, since I live far away.  So Concepts arranged Shoppers Express to manage grocery delivery right to my father’s home.  When Dad’s status declined and he needed a walker and a hospital bed, their nursing staff contacted Dad’s doctor to get the prescriptions and arranged for their delivery to the home for my Dad’s safe care.  They have a great deal of knowledge.  They truly are a blessing to me and to my Dad.”  -Delmar Family

Concepts of Health Care, Inc.

Department as an on-site surveyor of all the agencies, and she recommended I call Concepts of Health Care.  

Was she ever right!  Now I enjoy great care by professional staff members, who arrive in a timely manner.  I highly recommend Concepts to anyone looking for excellent care!”  -Albany Family


“Concepts of Health Care provided around the clock care services for my mother, when her diagnosis prevented her from being able to care for herself or my father anymore.  Concept’s caregivers and their nurses took such good care of both my parents.  When my mother’s diagnosis took her from us, we kept Concepts on to care for my father.  Not that they could take my father’s pain away after losing his wife, but it helped him having the same familiar faces there each day who understood his loss.  The nurses made special home visits to spend time with my father after his great loss. They are such a professional, caring group of people.” -Glenville Family

“After my father’s hip replacement, my mother was struggling to care for him at home.  Concepts of Health Care provided my mother the help she needed to keep Dad home, where he dearly wanted to be while he recovered from surgery.  The services truly enhanced both my mother’s and my father’s life.  The caregivers and nurses were wonderful.”    -Schenectady Family 

When I chose an agency to provide services for me, I thought choosing the biggest agency would mean I’d get the best caregivers and service.  I was so wrong!  I shared my experience of non-professional caregivers, who do not always even show up for work, with my neighbor.  She has a niece who works with the New York State Health 

Quality Care in the Comfort of Your Own Home Since 1985

“Concepts is providing me with compassionate, quality of care.  I love my caregivers and I am so happy to remain in my own home.  I would recommend Concepts to anyone!”  -Ballston Lake Family

“The nurses at Concepts are in constant communication with my mother, me, my siblings, and the aide staff.  They have made a difficult diagnosis manageable for our entire family.  We are so grateful for all of their support.”  
-Saratoga Springs Family